Blog Hop: Terrible Titles


I was asked by the fabulous Kate Gordon to have a go at this, and I thought it would be a nice break from my usual ranting. The challenge is to scroll through my current work in progress and find some ‘terrible titles’ for it based on letting the cursor stop where it does.

My current work in progress is a play, thanks to the very supportive and wonderful people at Mudlark Theatre in Launceston. I’ll post more about this soon. Anyway, here goes:

Ocean Beach

Near the Fire

There Were No Other Sides

Only for One Person

Drawing Chalk Lines

Every Opportunity

A Lesson I’ve Clearly Failed to Deliver

Opening a Way

His Next Move

None of Them Give a Shit.

(I think I actually quite like that last one.)

Keep the pen moving everyone! Until next time.

2 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Terrible Titles

    • Ocean Beach is on Tassie’s west coast (where the play is set). When you come to Tassie you MUST go to Ocean Beach and watch the sun set. Nothing out there but South America…a loooooong way away.

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